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Our team at Skybel have recently been out to customers house’s whilst they have been working from home and extended their wi-fi network from their home, to be able to also use it with great range; now able to enjoy full wifi speeds in the comfort of their own graden.

To assist our Kent customers and get them a stronger internet connection where they need it most, we have provided them with a Garden Wi-Fi Extension. The extension has opened up their working possibilities allowing them to work in their garden.

Are you looking to extend your wifi reach in your home to reach your garden, so you can use fantastic speeds in your garden too? Skybel specilaise in providing our Kent customers with a fantastic service, from finding the best place for you to see the full benefits, to installation and set-up; so you know you’re getting only the best service¬†

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Skybel Communications specialise in providing an internet connection in your cabin or external building. We also provide a service that allows us to enable WIFI in your garden up to 200 metres. 


  • Cabin & Garden WIFI
  • Internal, External cabling & CCTV
  • General Maintenance
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Plastering

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